Click Magnet

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Click Magnet is a suite of tools designed to help creators determine the type of content their audience craves and ensure that they are doing everything possible to get potential viewers to click and watch their videos.

* Requires a Legend level account *



Helps creators determine which videos are actually performing best on their channel, in order to determine what types of content should be made.


Helps creators determine which elements of their Thumbnails and Titles drive the highest CTR and give creators the knowledge to lean into those tendencies to drive higher CTR on future videos.


Identifies high performing videos where tweaking the title or thumbnail has the biggest potential for gains.


Gives users the ability to group, sort, view and export their most important video performance data in ways that YouTube does not provide.


A video's power ranking is based on a combination of three things: Clicks, Watch Time, and Click Through Rate (CTR).

Click Magnet uses a proprietary ‘Power Ranking' formula to help determine which content is performing best on your channel. Videos are ranked relative to the videos on your channel, not any other channel's videos.

Users are given the option to filter results based on the Traffic Source: All Videos, Videos via Search, or Videos via Suggested.

The ‘Metrics' column gives users a quick visual reference to see where each video performed across CTR, Watch Time (WT), and Views*. There is a legend on the left side that breaks down the color coding of the results:

click magnet example
Dark Green = 90th Percentile (Top 10% of Videos Analyzed)
Light Green = 80th Percentile (Top 20% of Videos Analyzed)
Grey = 70th Percentile (Top 30% of Videos Analyzed)
Orange = 60th Percentile (Top 40% of Videos Analyzed)
Red = Below 60th Percentile (Bottom 60% of Videos Analyzed)

Users may see a common thread in the type of content that performs well for their audience, as well as what types of content does not perform.


Do thumbnails with faces drive a higher CTR on my channel? What emotions or face sizes generally have the highest CTR? Does text on thumbnails help or hurt?

Click Magnet ties into Amazon's Image Rekognition API to be able to answer these questions.

On the left side of the screen, users will select a category:

  • Face vs No Face
  • Emotions
  • Sizes
  • Text vs No Text
  • Words in Titles
click magnet example

On the right side of the screen, users will see a graph that groups videos based on the category selected. Each section has an area with general tips, along with a specific analysis and recommendations for your channel.

For example, in “Face vs No Face”, it will combine all videos that Amazon recognized as having a face and sum their total Clicks and Impressions to give an overall CTR for the group. It will do the same with the videos that don't contain a face.

Users can click the bars in the graph to see all of the thumbnails in each category, along with easier to read stats.


The CTR Opportunities section in Click Magnet identifies which videos have the most potential to make a substantial impact on elevating a creator's channel.

These videos are those that a creator's audience really enjoys and seemingly perform well (high view duration, lots of impressions and watch time) but still have a low CTR.

Once the videos with the highest opportunities have been identified, creators should spend time improving these specific videos' Titles and Thumbnails, in order to elevate their channel as a whole.

click magnet example


The Advanced Analytics area is essentially a “playground” for the power user. Creator's can group, sort and filter data in ways that YouTube itself doesn't provide.

Export data to CSV in order to build your own reports and analysis. View video performance “apples to apples” where you can compare your videos' first 24 hour, 48 hour, 1 week performance, etc, and more.

click magnet example