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Puppet helps Singapore speed up technical deployments for governments

Need for speed

Around the world, the pandemic tested the ability of governments to transform digitally in order to deliver uninterrupted services and to respond effectively to the demands of citizens, businesses, and global leaders in a time of crisis.

From contact tracing to disbursing support packages to sharing best practices on how to contain the pandemic, governments needed to deliver these mission-critical services in a timely, secure, and compliant manner.

In Singapore, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) was quick to realize there was a need for expedited delivery of convenient, efficient services to citizens and businesses. How could they make this happen? IMDA needed to find a way for ministries’ and agencies’ departments to shorten deployment timelines for their technology projects, getting solutions into the hands of citizens and businesses more quickly.

Tech Acceleration Lab

In January 2021, the statutory board launched the Tech Acceleration Lab (TAL) to enable companies and start-ups working on government projects to shorten their deployment timelines. The result? Tech vendors working with government customers can now test and deploy solutions in as little as two months instead of six to nine, meaning citizens and businesses have access to resources on a much shorter timeline.

As a tech company working on government projects, Puppet was a participant in the TAL. Through the TAL, Puppet has demonstrated to government clients our capabilities with regard to the public sectors’ strict regulations around cloud, compliance, and security, in addition to the incomparable results of automating infrastructure and leveraging DevOps.

The IMDA team had already been working with Puppet under the Singapore Digital initiative, and includes Puppet as one of its accredited use cases. Over the years, the IMDA technical team has supported technology firms like Puppet to better navigate the security requirements of government agencies. By getting technology vendors onboard the Singapore Government Commercial Cloud (GCC), companies are able to do a quick test environment and endorse use cases to position to Singapore government agencies.

Puppet partners with public sector

As we learned from this pandemic, the public sector must be agile and mission-driven. The public sector needs technology partners like Puppet, who have both the proven track record of working with governments and the capabilities to allow for a smooth path to compliance and digital transformation on tight timelines, with deep consideration for human resources and budgets. Puppet has been a trusted partner and proven leader of infrastructure automation for governments in the Asia Pacific region. With Puppet, government agencies are able to fast-track their modernization initiatives while reducing security and compliance concerns, and gaining the transparency they require across complex hybrid environments.

Rachel Lew is Regional Director, Asia and Japan, at Puppet.

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