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Patch Management

Keep infrastructure healthy, secure, and compliant with a unified patch management solution
As infrastructure changes, IT teams must manage more endpoints, both new and legacy. Yet too many automated patching solutions do not provide a seamless, single view of all systems to manage patching. This leaves the patching process error prone, repetitive, time-consuming, and unable to scale easily, which puts systems at risk of being out-of-date and noncompliant.
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Conduct efficient patch management with streamlined automation

  • Use one, simplified automated patching workflow direct from the Puppet Enterprise console to eliminate multiple tools and manual, error prone processes.
  • Gain full visibility across all managed infrastructure and reduce the risk of updating/patching without knowing how it impacts workloads.
  • Confidently find/update systems and quickly patch Windows and Linux servers at once or in batches.
  • Enable self-service deployments for cross-functional teams with RBAC, built-in scheduling, and blackout windows.
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“Organizations are patching slower, with an average delay of 102 days. Keeping up with patch updates is extremely challenging or challenging, according to 65 percent of respondents whose company has a patch management process in place. On average, it takes 102 days to apply, test and fully deploy patches.”

– Ponemon Institute, State of Endpoint Security Risk 2018

product web patch run tasks
product web patch run tasks

Maintain healthy hosts and enforce control with a single interface

  • Easily review available patches across Windows and Linux estates.
  • Apply patches and updates on an ongoing basis with automated workflows that patch, update and reboot systems.
  • Ensure systems are healthy by using one simplified view and detailed reporting.
  • Automatically maintain the patch state with a system of record that monitors change and applies patches on a defined schedule.
  • Update systems regularly and mitigate risk of patching at scale with a codified, automated workflow.

Stay compliant and patch security vulnerabilities quickly & confidently

  • Easily apply new CVEs for hard to find systems and ensure all systems are patched, secure, and compliant with Puppet Remediate
  • Identify vulnerabilities and attack vectors, quickly search for specifics, and see what actions to take with an intuitive dashboard.
  • Prove compliance and confirm systems are up to date with detailed reporting that gives you clear visibility into all systems and changes.

Standardize and automate patching workflows with our Patching Service

Empowering our customers to succeed

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