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Puppet Remediate

Puppet Remediate helps organizations discover infrastructure and mitigate security risks by making vulnerability response faster and more reliable. Eliminate manual data handoffs between InfoSec and IT Ops, easily visualize your network to see which vulnerabilities pose the greatest risk to your infrastructure, and run remediation Tasks directly from the dashboard.
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Puppet integrates with the most trusted names in cyber security.

Reduce security risks — and the hours you spend addressing them

With the volume and severity of vulnerabilities increasing year over year, vulnerability management can feel like a losing battle. But it doesn’t have to be. Get everything you need to quickly filter, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities in a standardized, trackable, and easily auditable way.

product web Remidiate vulnerabilities
product web Remidiate vulnerabilities

Dynamic vulnerability data

Puppet Remediate integrates with your vulnerability scanner, giving IT Ops access to dynamic data on the number and criticality of vulnerabilities impacting your infrastructure, without having to wait for the next scan.

The customizable dashboard makes it easier to focus on the vulnerabilities that require your attention. Specify the severity threshold of vulnerabilities you want to import from your scanner, and create a list of exceptions for risks that can’t be immediately resolved.

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Network discovery

Without visibility into your infrastructure, it’s nearly impossible to assess which vulnerabilities pose the greatest risk to your network. You can’t secure a machine that you don’t know exists. With Puppet Remediate, it’s easy to see what hardware and software you have in your infrastructure and what needs immediate attention.

product web Remidiate resources
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product web Remidiate task

Fast, scalable remediation

Take immediate action on vulnerabilities by running tasks on your Linux or Windows hosts. Use pre-built tasks from the Puppet Forge to do things like manage packages and services or run a shell command, or upload your own scripts.

Puppet Enterprise users can trigger their existing agent-based tasks and workflows directly from the Remediate console. If you don’t use Puppet Enterprise, you can take remote action via SSH or WinRM.