Relay by Puppet

Easy workflow automation for cloud operations teams

Relay is an easy to use workflow automation tool for cloud infrastructure operations. Build and share fully automated workflows in minutes instead of days. Ensure hybrid cloud environments are secure, compliant, and cost efficient. Improve operational efficiency with increased reliability, minimized hiring of specialized roles, and reduced time to recovery through automation that the whole organization can use.

Solve your biggest cloud infrastructure problems

isolated faster
Recover faster

Reduce recovery time with incident response workflows from alert enrichment to auto-remediation.

isolated save
Save money

Prevent unnecessary run-away cloud spending by cleaning up unused resources.

isolated compliance
Ensure compliance

Eliminate costly misconfigurations in your cloud environments by enforcing compliance policies.

isolated toil
Reduce toil

Replace your digital duct tape with reusable, low-code workflows that anyone can create.

Relay delivers the promise of an automated future by enabling organizations to build smarter in order to solve real-world business processes in a modern, elegant, and effective way.
Stan Chan, Senior Software Engineer, Uber

One platform for cloud operations teams

Relay intelligently responds to monitoring alerts, incidents, and tickets by combining event-based triggers and powerful workflows to automate cloud operations

Cloud services and events
Relay by Puppet
In response, Relay runs workflows
Each workflow solves a particular problem
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With Relay you can create event-based workflows that are fully automated on the cloud

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