Trend Transcenders: 6 YouTube Creators That Have Stood the Test of Time

Every creator dreams of massive success. Sensations like “Gangnam Style” and the “It’s Corn” song are prime examples of how going viral on YouTube leads to a flood of new views and attention, which can give creators a serious boost. Yet while some creators one hit wonders find their fame fleeting, others manage to stick around in the public eye.  So what do creators who have lasted more than a decade on YouTube have in common? They’ve outlived internet trends and cultural shifts, and demonstrated the necessary business savvy to extend their brands to mediums beyond YouTube. Here’s how six creators have stayed relevant for the long haul. 1. Schmoyoho The “It’s Corn” song was inescapable online this summer. But you might not know that the audio used in several million short-form videos was created by longtime YouTubers the Gregory Brothers, who joined the platform with their channel Schmoyoho in 2006. The band is on a mission “to create a cosmic dance party that brings world peace to all.” They’ve made a name for themselves across the web with goofy songs (what they call “songify”-ing) made from  serious audio clips including presidential debates and news interviews. You might recall “BED… Continue reading Trend Transcenders: 6 YouTube Creators That Have Stood the Test of Time

Someone Dislikes Your Video—Here’s Why Not to Get Discouraged

Before you panic about dislikes on a recent video, learn more about what the YouTube dislike feature actually means. It’s actually less influential than you might think. Instead of driving away traffic from your channel, dislikes are a learning opportunity for creators to understand what content is resonating well with creators.