Product integrations

Leverage your existing technology investments with Puppet
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Puppet Enterprise integrations and managed technologies

Puppet Enterprise not only standardizes and scales how you manage your IT environments — multiple cloud platforms, operating systems, and network resources — it makes sure all your key automation technologies work together, including Hashicorp and Microsoft, VMware, Red Hat, Splunk, and more. For a complete catalog of integrations and managed technologies, visit the Puppet Forge.

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Puppet Remediate integrations

Puppet Remediate integrates with the most popular vulnerability assessment tools, eliminating the need for manual data handover from InfoSec to IT Ops.

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Relay integrations

Relay supports more than 20 popular cloud-native deployment tools as configurable steps within your deployment workflows, including Hashicorp Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Helm, Kubectl, Kustomize and more.