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Splunk Cloud shares success with Puppet

I love customer stories. As a product marketer, I find it incredibly interesting to learn and understand how customers use our technologies, and of course, when we get to share them externally, I see that as a super bonus!

While most of our customer stories have similar use cases, (ie. they looked to Puppet to eliminate the soul-crushing parts of their job), each story is unique in its own way, and I just love that.

How Splunk Cloud tackles automation is no different. It offers a unique story of re-thinking the industry-old provisioning approach to cloud environments and how they successfully scaled their environment at the rate of their customers’ demand. The story also shares how they moved from managing their environments on an ad-hoc basis with provisioning tools, to an automated process with constant management with Puppet Enterprise.

Soul-crushing IT tasks were meant to be automated

Not only did the move to Puppet Enterprise offer positive results for their end customers, but the Splunk team was able to efficiently manage more environments and scale to thousands of nodes. They did all this and were able to reduce their provisioning time from days to minutes.

In addition to their goal of scaling automation, Splunk Cloud discusses their desire to provide additional value to its customers through deterministic change, and how that has dramatically impacted the time to resolve configuration changes and how they address mission critical customer issues.

Automation opens up more time for customer focus

With Puppet Enterprise, their environments are now more consistent and predictable and the team has reallocated resources to spend less time on manual updates and more time on high-value issues. In fact, one of my favorite quotes from this story, is from Chris Vervais, Director Site Reliability Engineering at Splunk “ [with Puppet]...we’re not mired down doing rote, repetitive, error-prone work. We’re focused on both the high-value problems we solve for Splunk and for our customers.”

You can check out the full story here.

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Alexa Sevilla is a product marketer at Puppet.