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We take care of your whole self, not just your work self.
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Who we are

At Puppet, we are moved by a unified purpose to develop innovative solutions centered on customer impact. We believe automation empowers people to do meaningful work. We’re humanitarians who have walked different paths and respect individuality. Empathy is our shared language, and we are proud to uphold unique ideas and perspectives.

Connected across the globe, our days are punctuated with love for our communities and a devotion to the greater good.

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Here's how we work together

Puppet is a global company, collaborating across cultures and time zones. Employees are empowered, experimentation is encouraged and everyone is supported.

We set and communicate clear goals, trust teammates to do their jobs, and hold each other accountable.

Transparency is key, and you’ll find our leaders talk openly about challenges and don’t shy away from tough questions.

We do more than talk about diversity

Careers Diversity

At Puppet, we believe our differences collectively enrich our global perspective, enable innovation as we solve our customers’ problems, and accelerate our high-performance work culture.

Our values around diversity, equity and inclusion permeate our processes and procedures. Our leadership believes in systemic equity and empowers employees to become stakeholders in the evolution of our company DNA.

We leverage education to increase awareness and support of equitable processes, and to create an environment that is both inclusive and psychologically safe. We see our employees for who they are and celebrate the various experiences and identities they carry with them.

What we offer

At Puppet, we recognize that each person walks their own path and has their own unique needs. We care about providing you with a meaningful and inclusive experience by offering you flexibility and choice throughout your journey.

Because when you feel empowered and supported, there isn’t anything you can’t achieve.

Your Best You: our unique benefits

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    Our personal and professional lives are more entwined than ever before. We provide the flexibility of a hybrid-remote work model for employees that live near global Puppet offices, and offer generous paid time off with a minimum of 10 national holidays for each country — plus additional days off for well-being. Puppet Care Leave makes it easy for you to take paid time off as a new parent or caretaker.
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    We know life doesn’t stop with Puppet (though we hope you’ll stay awhile). We support your career growth with a stipend devoted to your professional development through trainings, courses and educational programs. You have access to best-in-class asynchronous collaboration tools to ensure your professional relationships flourish and you seamlessly interact with your team across the globe.
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    We understand the workplace is about more than just work. We actively foster community through our Employee Resource Groups and local and global IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access) teams. We know that community extends beyond the walls of Puppet. We provide paid days of service throughout the year so you can give back to the community you love. (And if your community includes a canine, chances are high you can bring your dog to the office — depending on location.)
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    We’ll say it again: We take care of your whole self, not just your work self. We make Puppet a space for psychological safety by prioritizing mental, emotional and physical wellness. We offer an Employee Assistance Program for confidential guidance through many life challenges including child and elder care, illness, grief, financial counseling, legal matters, and more. We host regular guided meditations, offer comprehensive benefits for US-based transgender employees and dependents, provide financial assistance for adoption and fertility processes, and offer a monthly wellness stipend for employees to determine their own path to well-being. We provide premium medical, dental and vision coverage so you and your families have peace of mind.
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    We want to help you plan for the rest of your life. We provide competitive pay, life and disability insurance, retirement plans including a 401(k) or pension based on location, RSUs/stock options, and healthcare-related financial assistance through HSA, FSA, and fertility treatments so you can rest assured you and your loved ones have the stability to make plans and keep them.
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Recognized as a top company for remote work

Quartz Best Companies for Remote Workers Winner 2021
Quartz Best Companies for Remote Workers Winner 2021

Quartz named Puppet in the top ten best large companies for remote workers in 2021 based on global research.

At Puppet, we believe that being for each other, no matter where we are, is important.

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