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Professional services

Our professional services team is dedicated to enabling your success with the Puppet portfolio of products. From installation and performance optimization, to third-party integrations and DevOps assessments, we’ll work with you to create solutions that meet your needs.

Start automating with Puppet

Start your Puppet journey with Bolt, our open source task orchestrator, or work with an expert to lay the foundation for success with Puppet Enterprise.

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bolt AppD Op marquee

Automate tedious manual tasks and orchestrate complex workflows

If you’re new to Puppet, or to automation in general, Bolt is a great place to start. It’s an open source orchestration tool that automates the manual work it takes to maintain your infrastructure. You can turn your existing scripts into reusable, shareable plans, or leverage pre-built content from the Puppet Forge.

Learn the Bolt basics with our self-paced free training course.

Accelerate time-to-value with Puppet Enterprise

Quickly get up and running with Puppet Enterprise and lay the groundwork for ongoing success. We’ll set up a working implementation designed to meet your configuration management automation goals, and enable your team through pair programming and guidance on best practices.

If you’re an open source Puppet user, we’ll migrate your implementation to the latest release of Puppet Enterprise and help mitigate potential risks.

Accelerate delivery

Expand automation to new teams and technologies, optimize your Puppet implementation, and improve the quality of your Puppet code.

Evaluate and optimize your use of Puppet Enterprise

Staff turnover and the adoption of new technology can lead to less effective use of Puppet Enterprise. A regular tune-up can help maximize ROI, make your team more efficient, and ensure you’re prepared for future growth.

A Puppet consultant will:

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Review your Puppet implementation and code base, along with related systems, processes, and workflows

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Interview stakeholders to understand business and technology goals

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Identify challenges, concerns, and opportunities for improvement

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Optimize performance with actionable recommendations and best practice alignment

usecases continuouscompliance Prove
usecases continuouscompliance Prove

Expand automation to new teams and technologies Realize the benefits of automation

Automation can be difficult to implement, particularly in a large organization with dispersed teams and technologies. Aside from navigating people and process, many organizations lack the resources or skills to automate complex systems.

Puppet professional services can help accelerate and expand automation within your organization. We’ll help automate your existing technologies by creating custom content for you, or by enabling your team through development of their automation skills and Puppet code development practices.

Stay up to date with the newest capabilities

Each new version of Puppet Enterprise brings enhanced capabilities and added value. If you’re putting off an upgrade due to concerns about complexity or strain on internal resources, we can help.

Integrate your toolchain

Maximize the value of your tech stack, contain tool sprawl, and improve cross-team collaboration with Puppet’s integration services.

Patching Puppet
Patching Puppet

Puppet and ServiceNow

Scale IT ops across your organization with a combination of certified Puppet and ServiceNow integrations (“Puppet Spoke” and “Service Graph Connector for Puppet”) with the expertise of Puppet Professional Services. For organizations looking to build a single tool chain with ServiceNow, you can now utilize Puppet Enterprise as the action engine for changes made through the ServiceNow interface.

The ServiceNow Integration Service helps you:

  • Build a single tool chain combining ServiceNow and Puppet Enterprise.
  • Implement trackable, self-service workflows from the ServiceNow Request portal to trigger automated actions such as restarting services, installing software, patching machines.
  • Maintain your CMDB with relevant, trusted, and real-time data on managed infrastructure.
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Puppet and HashiCorp Vault

Securely leverage sensitive data in your infrastructure automation workflows

How secure is your organization’s data management process? Is sensitive information like passwords and private keys stored and transmitted securely?

If you use HashiCorp Vault to store and control access to secrets, you can add an extra layer of security by integrating Vault with Puppet.

A Puppet professional will evaluate your current processes for handling and securing secret data throughout its lifecycle, and enable secure automation workflows by integrating Puppet with HashiCorp Vault.

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Puppet and Windows

Consolidate Group Policy and Puppet into a single interface

Managing configurations with multiple tools, like Group Policy and Puppet, makes it difficult to coordinate changes, and leads to siloed data and mismatched configurations.

Our Group Policy migration service helps consolidate tooling and centralize management of Windows configurations. We’ll teach you best practices for moving Group Policy settings to Puppet enforcement and assist in moving the appropriate settings.


  • Adopt Infrastructure as Code
  • Track Windows configurations in a centralized location
  • Report on configuration change
  • Manage a variety of configurations across the stack
  • More efficiently make changes to your Windows infrastructure

Enable fully automated Windows deployments with Chocolatey

A Puppet consultant can help increase the speed and reliability of deploying Windows software by installing and configuring Chocolatey as a package manager.


  • Automate and accelerate Windows software deployments
  • Expand automation and DevOps practices to Windows teams

Harden your infrastructure

Enforce regulatory policies across your infrastructure and reduce security risk with compliance content and reporting.

Enforce and maintain compliance across your estate

Making sense of regulatory policy and ensuring ongoing compliance is a universal challenge. Puppet professional services can help configure your systems to CIS benchmarks, the gold standard for system configuration developed by the Center for Internet Security.

A Puppet consultant will:

  • Scan your infrastructure to assess your current adherence to CIS benchmarks
  • Generate detailed reports to help triage issues
  • Develop content, configured to your environment, to enforce baselines
  • Establish a framework to ensure ongoing enforcement of CIS-related configurations
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Limit risk exposure and improve vulnerability response time

Infrastructure security requires a two-pronged approach: proactive defense with an efficient, streamlined patching workflow; and the ability to react quickly when a vulnerability surfaces. We can help on both fronts, establishing a framework and creating content tailored to your environment.

solutions web DevOps foundation

Standardize and automate patching workflows

Ticketing, change-approval processes, and coordination of maintenance windows create bottlenecks that can delay the application of essential patches, increasing your organization’s exposure.

A Puppet consultant will help implement a more efficient, standardized patching workflow, with predefined scheduling windows and self-service capabilities.

Reduce security risk and manual work

Vulnerability management often feels like a losing battle, with the rate of new vulnerabilities far outpacing the capabilities of most Ops teams. You may never get to zero vulnerabilities, but you can accelerate prioritization and response to tackle the most critical threats.

We’ll get you up and running with Puppet Remediate and create custom content to help remediate vulnerabilities faster.

Develop strategies for long-term success

Partner with Puppet to align and achieve business and technology goals, and drive performance and growth across your organization.


Deliver on business and technology goals with in-house expertise

Most IT organizations face unprecedented business pressure to deliver on a wide range of objectives: accelerate delivery, rapidly adopt new technology, and cut costs, all while maintaining stability and security. It’s a tremendous challenge even for the most experienced teams.

Our in-house consultants serve as an extension of your team, helping you develop a long-term strategic plan that balances these demands and aligns technology with desired business outcomes.

PE Cloud Migration ServiceTechnical Account ManagementResident Services
Our Puppet cloud experts will collaborate with your team to understand your goals, leverage proven deployment strategies and designs, and leave you with a functional installation of Puppet Enterprise, designed to manage a hybrid environment. The high-level stages of the service are:
  • Kick-off meeting to define priorities, timelines, and business goals
  • Analyze existing Puppet Enterprise deploymentIdentify initial workloads to be migrated
  • Define migration plan
  • Execute migration plan
Technical Account Managers (TAM) act as an extension of your team for a minimum of six months, partnering with your organization to help drive performance and growth. Your TAM will:
  • Provide business management, technical planning, Puppet education, and proactive guidance
  • Design a customer success plan tailored to your business objectives
  • Serve as your advocate within Puppet, engaging with engineering, product management, and customer support on your behalf
Puppet Residents help maximize the ROI of your Puppet implementation and align Puppet usage to desired business outcomes. Working closely with your team for a minimum of three months, your Resident will:
  • Bridge skill and resource gaps, and reduce strain on internal resources
  • Optimize your Puppet environment in accordance with best practices
  • Improve Puppet code base and development practices
PE Cloud Migration ServiceTechnical Account ManagementPuppet Resident Services
solution web secrets automation
solution web secrets automation

Design custom solutions to meet your needs

Ever wish you could design a solution customized to your exact use case? Looking to integrate Puppet with other tools in your tech stack? There’s a good chance we can help. We like thinking outside the box to solve unique challenges.

With custom consulting services, we can modify existing modules or develop new ones to meet your needs, provide implementation help for complex environments, and design custom integrations to automate your infrastructure.

Automate, streamline, and scale DevOps practices

At Puppet, we know DevOps. Our years of experience producing the State of DevOps Report and talking to customers at all stages of DevOps maturity have given us unique insight into the practices that lead to success.

Our Scaling DevOps Services help you develop a strategy that combines people, processes, and automation to deliver infrastructure and software faster, more reliably, and in a secure and sustainable manner. Our experts collaborate with your team to understand your goals and leverage proven practices to build out a concrete action plan for improvement.


DevOps Coaching

The best DevOps initiatives focus on people and their interactions within and between teams. Our DevOps Coaching service helps facilitate greater collaboration and alignment through agile methodologies.

Over the course of three months, a DevOps expert will work with your IT team to adopt agile principles that are aligned with your application delivery practices. They’ll also help prioritize, plan, and identify focus areas for increasing and optimizing automation.

 stages  state of devops report

DevOps Evolutionary Assessment

Grounded in our five-stage DevOps evolution model, our DevOps Evolutionary Assessment provides insight and guidance to advance DevOps capabilities throughout your organization.

Work with a DevOps consultant to:

  • Evaluate your organization’s current capabilities and DevOps maturity
  • Identify key practices to get to the next stage of evolution
  • Highlight areas of success to be amplified across your organization
 stages  state of devops report

Toil Reduction Assessment

Toil is manual, automatable work that provides no enduring value and scales linearly with service growth. Reducing toil frees up bandwidth so your teams can focus on strategic goals and modernization projects.

We’ll assess and analyze sources of operational toil and their impact on the organization, and deliver a proposed roadmap for automating them away.

DevOps Integration Service

Automating the DevOps toolchain often requires integrating systems and custom development, whether that be via data, infrastructure-as-code, or event-based automation workflows.

A DevOps expert will help identify integration opportunities and build solutions in close collaboration with your team.